Workforce Development at Isaacs Center

Through Education and Workforce Development Programs at Isaacs Center, young adults who are out of school and not working receive four weeks of customer service focused job readiness classes, and then transition to career focused job training, internships and employment experiences. Throughout their engagement with the Isaacs Center, participants have access to high school equivalency classes, literacy courses, and college counseling. As a result of their participation, young adults who often need a second chance at success are able to enter or re-enter the workforce and pursue educational opportunities that boost their hourly wage earnings and put them on a sustainable career path. 

Isaacs Center’s career-focused job training experiences are focused on Hospitality and Food Service, developing young adults who are prepared to succeed and thrive in front of the house and back of the house internship placements, and ultimately, employment opportunities within the traveler accommodation (hotel and guest services) industry and the food service industry. 

Isaacs Center also offers tracks in two additional growing sectors:

  • Community Health offers young adults the opportunity to train to become home health aides, peer health educators, and community health workers. 
  • Education and Child Development focuses on preparing young adults with an interest in working with children to find the skills and training necessary to secure internships and employment placements at after school and summer camps, early childhood programs, and schools. Over time, participants have the opportunity to acquire the credentials necessary to grow in the field and advance toward careers in teaching and early childhood education.



Programs available monthly, inquire today to learn what options are available.


Kwame Mensah

Manager of Sector Training and Development