Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute (PHI) and Cooperative Home Care Associates (CHCA) train in the healthcare sector.



CHCA does not accept large numbers of trainees into its entry-level training program. Instead, recruitment staff utilize an assessment and selection process designed to identify the candidates most likely to succeed as caregivers. Candidates interested in enrolling into our home care worker training program are usually successful when they are able to meet the following mandatory requirements:

  • The ability to pass a drug screen
  • The ability to work between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm and alternating weekends
  • Physically able to work in the capacity of a home care worker, which includes: some bending, some lifting, some twisting
  • A desire to begin a career in the health or home care industry

A candidate’s success rate usually increases when s/he meets one or more of the following optional criteria:

  • Have had some formal or informal caregiving experience
  • Show compassion for other human beings
  • Demonstrate a basic ability to set priorities and resolve problems
  • Prior work experience in the health or home care industry
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